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THE INNOVATION CHAPEL shortens the distance between ordinary and fantastic.
We do it by defining, creating, developing and investing in products, services, concepts and solutions that are not just great to people in their everyday life. They are fantastic.

Genesis: November 1, 2012

Our new location


Right from its inception in 2015, the list of innovative tech businesses that make up the Epicenter in the heart of Stockholm is, quite frankly, daunting! Leading game developers rub shoulders with media and service designers. Knowledge and inspiration is systematically shared in the buildings many lounges and seminar areas. They say that education is a life long pursuit, and this place is built around that undeniable fact. In short the people in the building command a disproportionate amount of the worlds brain power, making it a dream setting for The Innovation Chapel. Read more about Epicenter Stockholm here

Growing a Blackbeard


To kick off 2015, we decided to invest in Blackbeard Games, a young and disproportionately talented game development company. Our first title will be released in partnership with Chillingo – one of the big guns of mobile gaming. We will be posting more on this as and when we can, but having played the various versions of the game during development, we can tell you that it’s going to be awesome. Game is on. Read more about Blackberad Games here

Innovation Chapel & ESET


The Innovation Chapel helps ESET create a new global B2B platform. Having won a three-way, competitive pitch for the business in 2014, the collaboration with ESET has resulted in a new global B2B platform. Building on the momentum from the consumer brand work carried out in 2014, the B2B platform translates those values to the business community. A job that has meant challenging many hard held ’truths’ both in- and outside ESET.


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