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The Innovation Chapel has served as a hub for extraordinary people and businesses since 2012

From gaming developers to retail innovators, from big data wranglers to brand builders – the Chapel is a meeting place for innovators across many exciting fields. Together, we innovate to evolve todays assets with the potential of tomorrows digital capabilities.

Today’s world demands companies ask new questions to answer the needs of consumers

This creates a constant need for every business to evolve at the rate of consumer expectation rather than the category they once existed in. There is no escaping the effects of machine intelligence and digitisation on businesses. The opportunity this provides is to use a creative canvass and toolbox within a digital world where the excitement curve of ‘new tech’ has given way to the expectation economy of consumers demanding more, all of the time. Enter a new type of consultancy that builds growth through realising the potential of products, services and experiences in a digitised world.

We help businesses ask better questions

We do this in three ways. One, by providing education and insight services to keep the commitment to innovation at the forefront of your company culture. Two, we bring specialists, processes and workshopping formats in to your organisation to accelerate change. And Three, we create the environments for ideation, manage staged prototyping and finally, help deliver ‘go to market’ products and services

About Brooklyn
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About Brooklyn

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